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Our Board and Leadership

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"Helping People, One Dog at a time."

Karen Sarabura

Acting President

In 2018, wondering what to do with some spare time, Karen Sarabura walked by the CTDS booth at a market and immediately joined CTDS.

Karen has a funny farm of mischievous misfits (mini donkeys, goats, chickens, dogs, cats, etc.) Additionally, she has one human child (Molly), and one husband (Nathaniel).


With this transition to farm life Yukon was dropped off to her farm as a ‘guard dog’ for her animals against coyotes.  He is the sweetest soul, and quickly cared for all of his new animal/human siblings.  

He quickly was signed up with CTDS with his ‘gentle giant’ personality, and love he had to share.  Soon afterwards her second dog Thea was signed up and she has been active ever since!  


Karen has volunteered in a few programs including emergency room visits in the hospitals for patients and staff in their time of need. 

Karen Sarabura
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