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Our Board and Leadership

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"Helping People, One Dog at a time."

Rob Bauhuis

Rob Bauhuis


Rob Bauhuis is the President of the CTDS Board and has been with CTDS since 2017. He and his family are now the proud owners of Wilson the Dog Amazing, a spirited bernadoodle and Therapy Dog in training! He is a great companion to Garrett the Wonder Cat.

Rob has a service heart stemming from his mom who was very active in Strathmore.

He believes that community is built around volunteerism, CTDS being one of two passions - the other being Air Cadets.

Goals include continuing to serve CTDS, continuing to elevate the Secretary position, and continue to bring his brand of wit and wisdom to the Board.

Rob lives in Chestermere with wife Tracey, step-kids Matthieu and Ella, and pets Garrett and Wilson.

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