Our Pack Leaders

Steve King

Steve King is the President and Founder of Community therapy Dogs Society.

Being a dog lover and avid reader, Steve recognized the possibility to help young kids in the community by replicating the "Reading with Rover" program that he had come across in 2011. So it was that CTDS became an official society in 2014.

Steve is active in the food bank community and a member of his local Lions Club.

A father to Clare, Lauren and his Labradoodle Finn, and grandfather to Caleb and Charlotte, Steve has a strong belief in giving back to the community.



In 2018, wondering what to do with some spare time, Karen Sarabura walked by the CTDS booth at a market and with this rare ‘once in a life time’ opportunity joined CTDS with her dog Yukon.

Karen has been a lover of animals her whole life and has recently made the transition to farm life, with her funny farm of mischievous misfits (mini donkeys, goats, llamas, chickens, dogs, cats, a pig etc.) Additionally, she has one human child (Molly), and one husband (Nathaniel).

 They are all active with farm life – and having the joys of over 25 animals to love and adore.

With this transition to farm life Yukon was dropped off to her farm as a ‘guard dog’ for her animals against coyotes, and he was instantly a perfect fit.  He is the sweetest soul, and quickly cared for all of his new animal/human siblings.  

He quickly was signed up with CTDS with his ‘gentle giant’ personality, and love he had to share.  Soon afterwards her second dog Thea was signed up and she has been active ever since!   

Karen and her dogs have volunteered in a few programs including emergency room visits in the hospitals for patients and staff in their time of need.  

There is an unconditional love and support that we as humans can only get from an animal.  The impact they can make is astonishing.

Volunteering with CTDS has changed Karen’s life and has been one of the best things she has ever done.  She will be with CTDS for years to come! 

The best part of Karen’s day is seeing her dogs when she comes home, because they are the ones that are always happy to see her.  She hopes to continue to share that feeling with others as long as she can. 

PICTURES and BIOS of Humans for the webs

Rob Bauhuis is the Secretary of the CTDS Board since 2017.  He and his family are now the proud owners of Wilson the Dog Amazing, a spirited bernadoodle, and Therapy Dog in training!  He is a great companion to Garrett the Wonder Cat.


Rob has a service heart stemming from his mom who was very active in Strathmore.  

He believes that community is built around volunteerism, CTDS being one of two passions - the other being Air Cadets.

Goals include continuing to serve CTDS, continuing to elevate the Sectretary position, and continue to bring his brand of wit and wisdom to the Board. 

Rob lives in Chestermere with wife Tracey, step-kids Matthieu and Ella, and pets Garrett and Wilson.  


Megan Stanley is the owner of Dogma Training & Pet Services  Inc, which consists of two canine behaviour & education centers  in Calgary and an online dogma Academy.

Dogma works with all  breeds and behaviours and specializes in modifying complex  behaviours. Through a wide range programs, Dogma focuses on  integrating dogs back in with their canine companions and  helping dogs be successful in our families and busy human world.  Through Dogma, Megan developed a unique and comprehensive  dog training apprenticeship program that is one of a kind in Canada with over 100 successful graduates.


Megan has recognized that there is a strong need for regulation  in the pet care industry and has set the standard for dog training  and care through dogma. She provides education to dog owners  and trainers through her business, online resources and through  

speaking engagements.

An active volunteer, Megan recently  served 4.5 years on the Board of Directors for the Association of  Professional Dog Trainers. She was Chair of the organization in  2018 and is the first Canadian to serve in that role. She currently  serves on the Board of The Canadian Association of Professional  Dog Trainers as well as Community Therapy Dogs.

 She is the founder and President of The Guinniss Foundation,  which is an organization named after Dogma’s canine co-founder  to help terminally ill pets. Megan has also launched  www.everydoghasitsdayblog.com to create a community of  support and sharing for entrepreneurs.

She believes life is too  short to not do what we love, so strives to inspire and encourage  others to follow their dreams.



Amy McKee is an entrepreneur, business development consultant and Mom of two busy  teenagers. She says,” I experience the greatest sense of making a difference through my volunteer work in various community organizations”. 

    Amy and her Bernedoodle Audrey and have enjoyed being a part of Community Therapy Dogs Society since 2016. Throughout the weekly CTDS visits with Audrey,she has enjoyed an incredible opportunity to help others smile and to hopefully brighten their day.                                                       “We cherish the long standing friendships we have made with seniors during our Visiting Tails appointments at Trinity Lodge and with students as part of the Caring Tails program at Henry        Wisewood High School in Calgary”. Amy is committed to helping CTDS grow and is passionate          about the role and incredible potential that animals can play in our overall mental health and wellbeing.                                                                                                                Together we are helping people, one dog and one meaningful interaction at a time.

Holly Bandelow- Volunteer Coordinator- I joined CTDS in May 2018.  I currently live in Coaldale with my Husband and CTDS Therapy Dog Noah and three Cockatiels (Cooper, Zoe and Lucy), I am a Grandmother to 4 amazing grandchildren.

 I enjoy my role as Volunteer Coordinator as well as a Volunteer Handler.

Through both these roles I get to see the imact our programs have behind the scenes as well as out in the community. I am also a Lions Member and love to support various programs in my community.

Some of my hobbies include anything Dog related as well as my passion for plants and botanicals.

You can usually find me sharing a good cup of tea and talking about Dogs!

Noah and Holly.jpg

Marilyn King


Marilyn is one of the founder members of CTDS and has been actively involved since 2013, first as a board member and now as one of the Operations Team. Marilyn’s key roles include Newsletter editor and Schools’ coordinator but is prepared to “jump in” wherever needed.

As a retired teacher, Marilyn recognises the benefits that our therapy dogs can bring to young children and youth, whether it be through reading to them or gaining comfort from contact with a friendly pet. 

Family is a huge priority and spending time with her two adult daughters and their families is definitely one of her favourite things. Others include outings with their Labradoodle Finn, reading, gardening and travel.

As an involved member of the Chestermere community, Marilyn is secretary of the local Lions club, a leader at Lake Ridge Community Church, a director with Chestermere Chamber of Commerce and supporter of the local library. Being hard-of-hearing, Marilyn recently became chair of the Chestermere Accessibility Advisory Committee. 

Marilyn says she is grateful for the connections that she makes with our volunteers and believes that supporting others and recognizing their contribution is key to a happy and well-run organization.

Marilyn on Nose Hill with Finn and Alice

Lynn Giesler is the Seniors Homes Coordinator for CTDS acting as the liaison between CTDS and seniors' homes that endorse the Visiting Tails Programme.  After spending 44 years working in a support role in a fast-paced environment in the legal sector it was time to change gears and Lynn and her husband Bill retired to a turn-of-the-century farm in Northern Ontario.  Ultimately a desire to be closer to their children and grandchildren here in Alberta prompted their move West.  They share their home in Chestermere with a 130 lb. Leonberger named Gus who exemplifies the characteristics and traits of a true "Lean-On Berger".  


"I learned about CTDS through its Facebook page and was intrigued by its work and knew working with them would be a good fit for me. I just love their motto - Helping People One Dog at a Time.  I know from my own experiences just how well our canine family members can help us navigate through difficult times - a little lick here, a small nudge there or just that soulful look that says 'I have all the time in the world, let's talk.'  Our Seniors value connections and if not through humans why not through our canine families. 


 I am very excited to be a part of such a dedicated and caring group of volunteers."

Lynn and Gus photo for CTDS (2).jpg